Google Pixel 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Google Pixel 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Google Pixel 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: A Far-reaching Examination


Pixel devotees, celebrate! The exceptionally expected Pixel 8 Pro has stirred things up around town, alongside another Android force to be reckoned with – the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Google’s most recent lead, the Pixel 8 Pro, brings a few energizing upgrades, keeping up with its particular plan language, man-made intelligence-driven highlights, a heavenly camera, and normal component drops. It presents a remarkable seven years of programming support, separating it from other leader gadgets.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra remains a considerable contender, flaunting a super-fit camera framework, strong equipment, a dazzling AMOLED show, and a coordinated S Pen pointer. The fight is on – Pixel 8 Pro vs Galaxy S23 Ultra. We should dig into the subtleties.

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Pixel 8 Pro vs Galaxy S23 Ultra Contrasts:


Pixel 8 Pro: 6.7″ LTPO OLED with 120Hz revive rate, 2,400 nits, greatest brilliance

Galaxy S23 Ultra: 6.8″ LTPO OLED with 120Hz revive rate, 1,750 nits greatest brilliance


  • Pixel 8 Pro: Google Tensor G3
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2


  • Pixel 8 Pro: 50MP fundamental camera, 5.0X optical fax
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra: 200MP fundamental camera, 10.0X periscope camera


  • Pixel 8 Pro: 30W quick charging
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra: 45W quick charging

Programming Backing:

  • Pixel 8 Pro: 7 years of programming refreshes
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra: 4 years of programming refreshes/5 years of safety refreshes


Pixel 8 Pro: Stock Android 14

Galaxy S23 Ultra: One UI 6 (Android 13)

Plan and Size

There are no critical plan changes in Pixel 8 Pro, keeping up with the agreeable feel. Galaxy S23 Ultra, marginally bigger, highlights a 6.8-inch AMOLED show with a coordinated S Pen. Pixel 8 Pro presents an on-board thermometer for added usefulness.

Table: Plan and Size Examination

AspectPixel 8 ProGalaxy S23 UltraDimensions163.3 x 78 x 8.9 mm163.3 x 78 x 8.9 mmWeight213gSlightly heavier than Pixel 8 ProUnique FeaturesOn-board thermometerS Pen pointer

Show Contrasts

Pixel 8 Pro’s 6.7-inch Super Actua show with 2,400 nits splendor rivals Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen. Both elements have high invigorate rates, yet Pixel 8 Pro’s LTPO innovation offers dynamic revive rates for an ideal client experience.

List items: Show Features

Pixel 8 Pro: Super Actua 6.7″ show, 2,400 nits splendor, LTPO innovation

Galaxy S23 Ultra: Powerful AMOLED 2X 6.8″ show, amazing brilliance

Table: Show Estimations

MetricPixel 8 ProGalaxy S23 UltraMaximum Brightness1449 nits (Excellent)1086 nits (Excellent)Minimum Brightness1.9 nits (Excellent)0.8 nits (Excellent)Color Temperature6895 Kelvins (Excellent)6691 Kelvins (Excellent)Gamma2.22 (Excellent)1.91 (Excellent)Delta E (Grayscale)5.23 (Average)7.19 (Normal)


Pixel 8 Pro houses the Tensor G3, a 64-cycle chip with nine centers, promising upgraded execution for simulated intelligence and ML undertakings. Galaxy S23 Ultra flaunts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for powerful execution, particularly in illustrations of serious assignments.

List items: Execution Features

  • Pixel 8 Pro: Tensor G3 with nine centers, improved GPU and TPU
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for unrivaled design execution

Table: Design and Size Comparison

AspectPixel 8 ProGalaxy S23 Ultra
Dimensions163.3 x 78 x 8.9 mm163.3 x 78 x 8.9 mm
Weight213gSlightly heavier than Pixel 8 Pro
Unique FeaturesOn-board thermometerS Pen stylus


Pixel 8 Pro’s 50MP fundamental camera rivals Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP principal camera. The two telephones bring critical improvements, with Pixel 8 Pro zeroing in on Double Openness and quicker low-light self-adjust.

List items: Camera Elements

  • Pixel 8 Pro: 50MP principal camera, 48MP all inclusive, 5.0X optical zoom fax
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra: 200MP principal camera, 12MP all inclusive, 3.0X optical zoom, 10X periscope camera

Table: Display Measurements

MetricPixel 8 ProGalaxy S23 Ultra
Maximum Brightness1449 nits (Excellent)1086 nits (Excellent)
Minimum Brightness1.9 nits (Excellent)0.8 nits (Excellent)
Color Temperature6895 Kelvins (Excellent)6691 Kelvins (Excellent)
Gamma2.22 (Excellent)1.91 (Excellent)
Delta E (Grayscale)5.23 (Average)7.19 (Average)

Sound Quality and Haptics

Pixel 8 Pro proceeds with the practice of superb sound quality. Galaxy S23 Ultra flaunts top-level sound quality, standing apart close by the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

  • List items: Sound Features
  • Pixel 8 Pro: Custom of magnificent sound quality
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra: Remarkable sound quality, practically identical to iPhone 15 Pro Max

Battery Duration and Charging

Pixel 8 Pro’s 5,050mAh battery rivals Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 5,000mAh battery. Both deal noteworthy perseverance, with charging speeds shifting – Pixel 8 Pro at 30W wired and up to 12W remote, Galaxy S23 Ultra at 45W wired and 15W remote.

List items: Battery and Charging

Pixel 8 Pro: 5,050mAh battery, 30W wired, up to 12W remote charging

Galaxy S23 Ultra: 5,000mAh battery, 45W wired, 15W remote charging

Table: Performance Benchmarks

BenchmarkPixel 8 ProGalaxy S23 Ultra
Geekbench 6 Single17201971
Geekbench 6 Multi42685115
3DMark Extreme (High)23823828
3DMark Extreme (Low)16221951

Table: Camera Comparison

Camera ModePixel 8 ProGalaxy S23 Ultra
Main Camera – DaytimeBetter dynamics, colorsSlightly overexposed, oversharpened
Main Camera – Low-lightComparable performanceGalaxy noisier, artifacts in dark areas
Zoom Quality (5X)Pixel 8 Pro excels in detailGalaxy S23 Ultra softer
Zoom Quality (10X)Galaxy excels in detailPixel 8 Pro captures better at night
Portrait ModeGalaxy produces neater portraitsPixel 8 Pro exhibits artifacts
Ultra-wide CameraPixel 8 Pro captures more natural photosGalaxy S23 Ultra oversaturated and oversharpened


Table: Pixel 8 Pro vs Galaxy S23 Ultra Specs

SpecificationPixel 8 ProGalaxy S23 UltraProcessorTensor G3Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2StorageUp to 1TBUp to 1TBSoftware Updates7 years4 years (programming)/5 years (security)Operating SystemAndroid 14One UI 6 (Android 13)

Google Pixel 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


All in all, the Galaxy S23 Ultra stands as a deep-rooted lead, offering a variety of elements and magnificent worth. The Pixel 8 Pro, with its novel assets, could be a convincing other option, particularly for those not completely lined up with the Galaxy biological system.

Keep in mind that your decision relies upon your inclinations and necessities. The fight between Pixel 8 Pro and Galaxy S23 Ultra is savage, and every gadget offers its arrangement of real value benefits. Settle on an educated choice in light of your needs, and partake in the mechanical wonder that suits you best.


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